Improv BrewHaHa!

Players from around the island, and the world, come together and form teams led by Think Fast cast members to create an unscripted hour of comedy and unexpected revelations!

Think Fast

Think Fast is the flagship performance team of Mr Aaron Presents. Founded in July of 2011 and comprised of the best improvisers Hawaii had to offer. Think Fast has evolved into Hawaii's most active improv comedy team with two monthly shows and three training programs, including Hawaii's only Short Form Improv program. For more information visit,

Think Fast Improv Teams

Let's Duet!

Let's Duet! is the brainchild of Larissa DLG Franzen. Let's Duet shows feature pairs of performers that create a two person performance based off of audience suggestions.

Video by Larissa Franzen

Video by Larissa Franzen

It's Not Wolves

After a Think Fast Improv sponsored workshop taught by Patrick Babbitt teaching the form "The Pretty Flower" in 2014, a group of attendees were so impressed with the form they decided to create a team and be the first in Hawaii to perform the Pretty Flower. The Pretty Flower is a style in which the performers create a full and lush story petal by petal around a central scene stemming from a few suggestions from the audience.